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The Lesser Evil? Evaluating E-cigarettes Consumption

While cigarette smoking is on the wane, ‘vaping’ is on the rise worldwide. Do e-cigarettes really help smokers kick the nicotine habit? And what may be the best public policy options for regulating their use? Research by Professor Vithala R. Rao and Dr Jialie Chen offers some answers.

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Digital Winner-take-all Platforms: Hype or Reality?

The mantra of winner-take-all appears to be the underlying economic assumption behind the flood of interest and investment in digital start-ups in the past few years, argues Professor Tejpavan Gandhok. Are winner-take-all online platforms really as inevitable as they are perceived to be, especially in e-commerce and online taxi hailing in India?

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Ranking Indian Cities: The Smart Cities Index

The newly developed Smart Cities Index provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the quality of city services for the 53 million plus cities in India across a variety of characteristics. Analysts at the Indian School of Business Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management, Ashish Mohan and Tryambakesh Kumar Shukla, reveal the journey behind the development of the Index and highlight the glaring data gaps that hinder urban development in India.

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