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How Can Competition Mitigate the Antibiotic Crisis?

In recent decades, the stock of effective antibiotics has been depleted dramatically by the rapid increase in bacterial resistance to them. Can increasing competition in the market for antibiotics through judicious patent policy alleviate the antibiotic crisis? Professor Mukesh Eswaran and Professor Nancy Gallini elucidate.

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Access, Empowerment and Cancer Care

A recent webinar, co-organised by the Centre for Learning and Management Practice at ISB, featured an in-depth conversation between Professor Sarang Deo, Associate Professor of Operations Management and Executive Director of the Max Institute of Healthcare Management and Dr Amit Jotwani, Co-founder at An edited transcript of the discussion follows.

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All is Well: Health Care Branding at Be Well Hospitals

March 2016 witnessed the management of Be Well Hospitals grappling with a major challenge: establishing itself as a mid-tier health care provider in an existing two-tier market that made patients choose between quality and pricing. Be Well Hospitals case study author Professor Piyush Kumar discusses branding strategy takeaways.

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The Fine Print on Health App Privacy

Although apps are useful for tracking health, significant privacy concerns remain. The medical data of the users are at the disposal of app developers for business purposes. The privacy policies of these apps are either non-existent or difficult to comprehend, says Preeti Singh.

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