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Access, Empowerment and Cancer Care

A recent webinar, co-organised by the Centre for Learning and Management Practice at ISB, featured an in-depth conversation between Professor Sarang Deo, Associate Professor of Operations Management and Executive Director of the Max Institute of Healthcare Management and Dr Amit Jotwani, Co-founder at An edited transcript of the discussion follows.

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Facilitating Innovation on the Digital Frontier

Dr Gopichand Katragadda, then Chief Technology Officer at the Tata Group, spoke at the India Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition Conference organised by ISB in New Delhi in March 2018. Professor Anand Nandkumar caught up with him afterwards to understand how organisations can build innovation cultures in the digital age.

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The Changing Contours of Innovation in India

Home-based innovation in India has been oriented more towards the process dimension. Adoption of quality management practices paved way for incremental innovation. On the other hand, the main drivers of innovation have shifted to the R&D centres of Multi-national Enterprises (MNEs). Rishikesha Krishnan argues that the evolution of start-ups and their contributions to product or technological innovation in India is worth studying.

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