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Redefining the Role of Women in Indian Family Businesses

At a time when India is witnessing a sharp decline in female labour force participation, where do Indian family businesses stand in terms of women participation and leadership? Although traditionally a patriarchal institution, the Indian family business has come a long way in ensuring women empowerment, contend Yashodhara Basuthakur and Nupur Pavan Bang.

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Trust on the Risk Spectrum: Investing in the Innovation Economy

Distinguished ‘theorist-practitioner’ and author of Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy, Dr William Janeway visited the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad campus as the Dean’s Speaker in December 2018. ISB Dean Rajendra Srivastava engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with Dr Janeway on risk, uncertainty and investment across mature and emerging markets and firms.

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HDFC: A Journey in Banking

The journey of HDFC, India’s retail housing financier, mirrors the journey of the financial sector post-1991. In his keynote address at the 7th Invitational Asian Family Business Conference, Chairman of HDFC, Deepak Parekh outlined the lessons from its successes and failures.

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The Myth of Jealous Women

Is the much-publicised women’s jealousy in the workplace really an issue or a sexist stereotype? How can men and women cope with the feelings of jealousy? Swati Desai has some advice that draws on research.

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The Strategy Set

With the law in many countries mandating female representation on company boards, what concerns should a good recruitment strategy for hiring women directors address? Where are the entrepreneurial opportunities in Indian agriculture and agribusiness? And what might academics who study strategy management have to say to women’s empowerment and/or agricultural sector growth? The Strategic Management Society’s Special Conference in Hyderabad in December 2018 showcased the depth, breadth and surprising relevance of recent strategy research. On behalf of ISBInsight, Ujval Nanavati spoke with the authors of two insightful papers.

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