Meru Cabs: A Spectacular Growth Story

How can a company integrate its strategy, technology and process to break even and yet offer world-class services to its customers? Set in August 2011, Meru Cabs: A Spectacular Growth Story is a case that documents the design and positioning of an Indian services business in the face of skill shortages and built-in inefficiencies. Caught between the need to improve internal processes and the desire to scale up and expand to other cities, how can Meru steer its growth trajectory?

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Tapping the Sceptical Donor: A Novel Funding Approach for Non-profits

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) typically raise all the funds required for the project upfront. In this so-called “traditional approach”, the implementation of the project begins only when all the funds are raised, thus delaying implementation and service delivery. In order to overcome this challenge, NPOs are using a novel funding approach that Professors Sripad Devalkar, Milind Sohoni and Arora call “ex post funding”. The researchers offer guidance on how non-profit organizations can best deploy this new approach to improve the delivery of social benefits from their activities.

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Trust Matters the Most in Negotiations

Amit Nandkeolyar and his colleagues use the case of Tata Motors to provide rich insights into the varying levels of trust of negotiators and their effects on negotiation outcomes. The study suggests that trust promotes greater information sharing without the fear of exploitation, which in turn, leads to value creation and better outcomes for all negotiating parties.

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