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FMCG Lessons for Pharma

What were the key success factors for Arogya Parivar, a bottom-of-the-pyramid initiative by Swiss pharmaceutical major Novartis? In this article, Meenakshee Sinha and Professor S. Arunachalam present a replicable fast-moving consumer good blueprint for rural marketing based on the Arogya Parivar experience.

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Ranking Indian Cities: The Smart Cities Index

The newly developed Smart Cities Index provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the quality of city services for the 53 million plus cities in India across a variety of characteristics. Analysts at the Indian School of Business Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management, Ashish Mohan and Tryambakesh Kumar Shukla, reveal the journey behind the development of the Index and highlight the glaring data gaps that hinder urban development in India.

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