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Doing Business in Southeast Asia: the Macro Perspective

How do financial systems and demographic compositions vary across Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore and Philippines? Professor Philip Zerrillo offers some insights into the ASEAN macroenvironment. Prof Philip Charles Zerrillo is Professor of Marketing (Practice) at Singapore Management University and Visiting Faculty for Case Writing and Teaching at the Indian School of Business.  

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How Consumers Evaluate International Joint Ventures

Firms creating or dissolving international joint ventures tend to focus on local and global market expertise. But they should also consider consumer perceptions regarding product fit, quality and status, says Professor Kiran Pedada. Professor Kiran Pedada is Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Indian School of Business.

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Book Briefs

Understanding Indian Consumers By Durairaj Maheswaran and Thomas Puliyel Oxford University Press India, 2017; Marketing Marketing to India’s diverse and rapidly changing consumers requires constant refreshment of knowledge and skills. For the keen MBA student specialising in marketing as well as the ardent practitioner, this book blends practical insights with theoretical frameworks. Understanding Indian Consumers is a compilation of 20 articles from some …

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What India Can Teach the World about Marketing

ISBInsight: One of the JAMS conference themes was local-global intersections in marketing. What kind of policy enablers and roadblocks have you experienced in launching Amazon Grocery in India after the government opened up 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in the sector in 2016? Sameer Khetarpal: I think from a transaction volume perspective, grocery accounts for about 60-70% of volume. It is …

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Future Ready: The Human Capital Agenda

ISBInsight: What, in your view, are the top challenges that will drive human capital practice in emerging markets in the coming decade? How can a human capital perspective contribute to addressing these challenges? Chandrasekhar Sripada: A decade is a long time in today’s fast-paced world. In the next two to three years, we will see a digital tsunami hitting all our …

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What Do Non-Compete Agreements Cost CEOs?

ISBInsight: What real life observation inspired you to undertake this research? Omesh Kini: I would say there wasn’t a single, all-important motivation for undertaking this research. A few real-life observations got us thinking about non-competes. One of my co-authors, Ryan Williams and I were working on another paper related to CEO stock-based incentives and CEO turnover. We observed in our data …

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Human Capital in the Digital Era: Leadership under Scrutiny

S. Ramnarayan: Why don't I start by asking you this − what do you see as some of the main challenges for the human capital agenda in today's organisations? D. Shivakumar: I would say the first major trend is technology. Second, I think there are shorter lifecycles for products and services. The third is the presence of millennials at work. Fourth, …

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