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Digital Transformation – Breeding New Business Models

ISBInsight Jan-Mar 2017 issue is on digital transformation in India that is breeding new business models. It is guest edited by Professor Deepa Mani and has a good spread of articles. Management Briefs has a summarised case study on IT-led business transformation at Reliance Energy. In Face-to-Face Sanjay Subhedar, founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures, discloses his views on the start-up environment in India. Knowledge Session captures the discussion by an esteemed panel of academicians and practitioners who came together to discuss the rise of Fintech and the changing face of wealth management. The regular feature articles


Guest Editor for this Issue:

Deepa Mani,
Associate Professor of Information Systems and ISB Research Fellow, Executive Director, Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy, at the Indian School of Business (ISB).

Cover StoryClusterpreneurship: Do entrepreneurs create and sustain clusters?

The trends in ICT sector explain the emergence of start-ups and their regional concentration, say Professor Deepa Mani, Professor Anand Nandkumar and Vasundhara Sharma, in their analysis.

Cover StoryThe Digital Transformation of R&D

A paradigm shift to ICT-intensive R&D and the related increase in the centrality of the ICT industry has important implications in a wide spectrum of industries, point out Professor Deepa Mani, Professor Rajib Saha and K Aditya.

FeaturesSelf-Organising Smart Cities

Growing convergence of ICT and conventional technologies is a major enabler that gives rise to smart cities says Prashun K Dutta

Face to FaceFailure is a Necessary Part of Innovation

Sanjay Subhedar, founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures, in conversation with C Chitti Pantulu.

Knowledge SessionFintech and the Changing Face of Wealth Management

A panel of practitioners and academicians discuss the Fintech boom, fuelled by the technology savvy consumer, and the ensuing challenges.

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