• Do Electronic Voting Machines Work for Indian Voters?

    Do Electronic Voting Machines Work for Indian Voters?

    Professor Sisir Debnath and co-authors find that electronic voting machines protect democracies from electoral fraud. An unexpected benefit is that the provision of a key public good, electricity, improves measurably.

  • Are People Managers in India Ready for Change?

    Are People Managers in India Ready for Change?

    Is India ready to embrace a composite workforce, with robots and humans, diverse demographic segments, and public-private sector talent sharing? Professor Chandrasekhar Sripada, Executive Director of ISB's Human Capital and Leadership Initiative (HC&LI), provides his expert views.

  • Word of Mouth Matters for Healthcare

    Word of Mouth Matters for Healthcare

    What drives uptake of tertiary healthcare services? Word of mouth effects may have an important role to play, say Professor Chirantan Chatterjee and his co-authors.

  • Data for Policy Impact

    Data for Policy Impact

    Dr Avik Sarkar, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) at NITI Aayog, and in-charge of the NITI Aayog Data Analytics Cell visited the Applied Statistics and Computing Lab at ISB in March 2018. Below are excerpts of his conversation with Professor Bhimasankaram Pochiraju, Clinical Professor and Executive Dierctor of the ASLC. Professor Pochiraju passed away in early April 2018. This Face-to-Face, scheduled to appear in the July 2018 print issue of ISBInsight is dedicated to Professor Pochiraju’s memory.

  • Are CEO Appointments in India Caste/Religion Biased?

    Are CEO Appointments in India Caste/Religion Biased?

    Do top Indian companies hire professional Chief Executive Officers on the basis of caste or religion? And does it matter for financial performance? Professors Naga Lakshmi Damaraju and her co-author Anil K Makhija offer some surprising insights on these important questions.



Emergency Medical Services: Saving Lives

Guest edited by Professor Milind Sohoni, our cover story brings together academics, researchers and entrepreneurs to discuss the urgent role of emergency medical services in saving lives. Our features look at the importance of performance-related incentives in government, and the surprising effects of demonetisation on the Indian mobile phone market. In Face-to-Face, Minister Jayant Sinha speaks about UDAN, Dr VK Saraswat about the NITI Aayog and RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya about the research-policy interface. Also: lessons from the dissolution of international marketing joint ventures in India.


Guest Editor for this Issue:

Milind G. Sohoni,
Professor of Operations Management, Deputy Dean - Faculty Development & Registrar's Office, ISB.

Cover StoryEmergency Services in Emerging Economies: Challenges and First Steps

Given the unique challenges of the Indian setting, Lavanya Marla and her co-authors highlight the need to bring emergency medical services systems into public policy discussions and develop novel, interdisciplinary solutions to design and operational issues.

Cover StoryThe Twin Advantages of Diversity and Familiarity in Teams

Sarang Deo and his co-authors use ambulance transport data from the London Ambulance Service to understand how diverse teams operate when processes are less standardised.

Features(Dis)Connecting People? 2016 Indian Demonetisation and Mobile Phone Markets

Chirantan Chatterjee and his coauthors investigate whether a macroeconomic policy shock like the 2016 Indian demonetisation could have microeconomic implications for firms in the Indian mobile phone industry.

FeaturesNegotiating International Marketing Joint Venture Dissolutions in Emerging Markets

Kiran Pedada and his coauthors study the impact of dissolution announcements on short-term abnormal returns to the emerging market firm and discuss how their findings can help firms plan their international marketing joint venture entry and exit strategies.

Face to FaceFly, Nation’s Citizen

Jayant Sinha, Honourable Minister of State for Civil Aviation, visited the Indian School of Business Mohali campus as part of the ISB Leadership Summit in September 2017. Siddharth Shekhar Singh, Associate Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean, Research Centres and Institutes Outreach and Engagement, caught up with him.

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