Rx ICT: Digitally Disrupting Healthcare

What ails healthcare in India? Can technology provide the healing touch? Professor Sarang Deo, our Guest Editor for this issue, brings together a range of perspectives from economics to health informatics and entrepreneurship to answer these questions. Our cover story also opens up a range of themes around digital disruptions that find resonance throughout this issue. Indian School of Business Dean Professor Rajendra Srivastava, one of the world’s leading experts on Marketing Strategy, argues that innovation must go beyond mere invention to become embedded in the marketplace. Meenakshee Sinha and Professor S Arunachalam examine another innovative healthcare venture, spearheaded by the Swiss major Novartis. And in our new opinion feature, Slant, Professor Tejpavan Gandhok questions the hype around digital entrepreneurship in the domains of e-commerce and taxi-cab hailing.

Cover Story 5_Sarang Deo

Guest Editor for this Issue:

Sarang Deo,
Associate Professor of Operations Management
and Executive Director, Max Institute of Healthcare Management
at the Indian School of Business.

Cover StoryTaking Off: Digital Health Start-ups in India

What problems are India’s digital health entrepreneurs tackling? A round-up of six digital health start-ups.

Cover StoryDigital Health Start-ups in India: The Challenge of Scale

Digital health start-ups are bringing novel technologies such as wearable-tech, telemedicine, genomics and artificial intelligence to the Indian healthcare system, reports Hanu Tyagi.

FeaturesDigital Winner-take-all Platforms: Hype or Reality?

Winner-take-all online platforms are not as inevitable as they are perceived to be, especially within e-commerce and online taxi hailing in India, argues Professor Tejpavan Gandhok.

FeaturesFMCG Lessons for Pharma

Meenakshee Sinha and Professor S. Arunachalam present a fast-moving consumer goods blueprint for rural marketing based on the Arogya Parivar experience.

Face to FaceOff-field: Sports Performance, Business Bottom Line

Chiraag Paul in conversation with Deepak Agrawal

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