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Climate and Society: Beyond General Circulation Models

ISBInsight Jul-Sep 2016 cover features climate change implications and response by the society. It is guest edited by Professor Ashwini Chhatre and has a good spread of articles. Management Briefs has a summary paper presented to the former Governor of the RBI, and the Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India. Face-to-Face has two eminent personalities in Lars Peter Hansen, winner of 2013 Noble Prize in Economics, and Arun Agarwal, an authority on environmental governance, both of whom were at ISB recently. The regular feature articles and Knowledge Session are there too.


Guest Editor for this Issue:

Ashwini Chhatre,
Visiting Professor and Senior Research Fellow of the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business (ISB).

Cover StoryClimate and Society: Beyond General Circulation Models

Mechanical analyses of presumed climate impacts are not enough to formulate responses to climate change, says Professor Ashwini Chhatre.

Cover StoryImpact of Climatic Conditions on GDP

The consequences of climate change could be devastating if policy makers continue to ignore them, point out Professor Ashwini Chhatre and his co-authors.

FeaturesParticipatory Transformation is the Key to Effective Administrative Reforms

The credibility of implementers and acceptance by target groups are critical for the success of any administrative reform, says Analyst Mukesh Bisht .

Face to Face“Any time an economist writes down a model, it is wrong”

Nobel Laureate Lars Peter Hansen tells Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry.

Knowledge SessionHealthcare: The Road Ahead – Opportunities and Challenges

Health insurance and technology have emerged as the game changers, concludes a panel of leading healthcare industry honchos.

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