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Numbers or customer engagement? Data or privacy? Your favourite brand or the ethical one?

These are some of the questions our authors explore in this online-only ISBInsight. Have India’s digital players focused on expanding user bases at the expense of maximising wallet spends, Professor Tejpavan Gandhok asks. As Preeti Singh questions, do mobile health apps present a Devil’s bargain between service and privacy? How can marketers persuade consumers to make more mindful product choices? Professor Nitika Garg and her co-authors have the answers.

In this first-ever online-only issue, we’re providing a smorgasbord of reading choices to suit varied palates. Dr Shashi Tharoor suggests what it will take to capitalise on India’s demographic dividend. Professor Durairaj Maheswaran and Malika demonstrate exactly why national brands matter. In an interview with Reema Gupta, NIIT’s Rajendra Pawar outlines the rise of exciting technologies such as business process automation and places their context in the broader history of India’s digital transformation.

This issue commemorates one milestone and inaugurates the way to others. Fifteen years of ISBInsight, and the start of a new online journey. Join us.

Do Consumers Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is? Ethical Consumerism and Dual Attitudes

Even though consumer interest in ethical products has increased in recent times, a significant gap exists between what most consumers say about their intent to buy and what they actually end up buying. Research by Professor Rahul Govind, Professor Jatinder Jit Singh, Professor Nitika Garg and Shachi D’Silva, tries to explain this puzzle, revealing useful insights for ethical product makers and marketers.

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The Gender Challenge

Mallika Srinivasan, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, was the keynote speaker at the Indian School of Business graduation ceremony in April 2018. Saumya Sindhwani, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Strategy group at ISB spoke to Mallika Srinivasan about her experience in working in the male-dominated tractor industry and her thoughts on gender diversity in business.

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IoT, Big Data and Privacy: Marketing Futures

Professor Robert W Palmatier, the John C. Narver Endowed Professor in Business and Administration in the Marketing Department at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, visited the Indian School of Business in April 2018 as part of the Thought Leaders Conference on Managing Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets. Professor S Arunachalam met him to discuss emerging trends in marketing and research.

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What Academics and Managers Can Learn from Each Other

Industry relevance matters. So does a multi-industry perspective. Professor V Kumar at the J Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University was at the Indian School of Business in April 2018 for the Thought Leaders Conference on Managing Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets. Professor Manish Gangwar caught up with him to ask how industry and academia can learn from one another.

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The Finance Four

Can home businesses succeed? Which banks use credit scores to evaluate loan applications and why? How has growth of e-commerce retailers like Amazon affected employment and revenues in local retail? And how does better connectivity through roads affect access to credit? On behalf of ISBInsight, Ujval Nanavati spoke with authors of four fascinating research papers presented at the ISB Centre for Analytical Finance’s Summer Research Conference 2018.

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