Can Trade Save Forests?

Export-oriented manufacturing and service activity as well as foreign direct investment: these are the surprising ingredients of an economic trajectory that promotes forest growth in developing economies, find Professor Ashwini Chhatre and his colleagues. They also caution, however, that forest quality measures such as biodiversity are equally important in framing forest management policy for developing economies.

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Can Mutual Fund Competition Drive Returns?

Though mutual funds are increasingly popular as investment vehicles, the factors that drive their returns are not fully understood. How can investors better understand how well a fund has done relative to its competition? Research by Professors Nitin Kumar, Gerard Hoberg and Nagpurnanand Prabhala answers these questions.

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How Language Of Instruction Influences Education Outcomes

In a multi-lingual country with large deficits in education, how does the language of instruction influence learning? Drawing on lessons from the British era, Professor Tarun Jain finds that the language-based reorganisation of states helped improved literacy outcomes. In recent decades, mother tongue instruction boosted literacy rates by as much as 18%.

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