Tarun Jain

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Indian School of Business (ISB).

The Hidden Factors Underlying India’s Skewed Child Sex Ratio

With a child sex ratio of 918 females per 1000 males in the 0-6 age group according to the 2011 Census, India has one of the largest gender differences in survival outcomes in the world. Moreover, differences between girls and boys persist throughout childhood and into adult life, including the workforce. Understanding and reducing these gender differences is one of …

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Impact Assessment: Data Analysis for Better Decision Making

The social and economic development budget of India is well into hundreds of billions of dollars. Yet, when asked about the yardsticks used to measure success, policymakers often discuss developmental programmes – so many health camps held, so much concrete bought and so on. Rarely do they venture into the measurement and assessment of outputs, surely a critical exercise to …

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Do self-help programmes change hearts and minds? The JEEViKA Experience in Bihar

The Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (or “JEEViKA’’) is a poverty reduction programme undertaken by the Government of Bihar with the aid of the World Bank. The key aim of the programme is to socially and economically empower the rural poor. It focuses on women and aims to create sustainable livelihoods through self-managed community institutions, greater access to social protection (including …

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Overcoming barriers to Women’s Leadership at the Village Level

Tarun Jain, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Indian School of Business; Lata Gangadharan, Professor of Economics at Monash University in Australia; Pushkar Maitra, Professor in the Department of Economics at Monash University in Australia and Joseph Vecci, a PhD student in the Department of Economics, Monash University in Australia based on their field experiment conclude that …

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Kicking Back on Kickbacks: An Experiment in Asymmetric Liability

Can a radical proposal to tackle harassment bribery work in practice? Professor Tarun Jain and his colleagues conducted an experiment to study the potential impact of implementing  an asymmetric liability  policy for bribe givers and takers. In this article, he presents his findings from the study. On the anti-corruption  website, www.ipaidabribe. com, the stories told by citizens are not of fixed …

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Devising Efficient Accounting Standards

Shyam Sunder, James L Frank Professor of Accounting, Economics, and Finance, Yale School of Management, talks to Tarun Jain, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Indian School of Business (ISB), about accounting standards, experimental economics and education. Tarun Jain: In your research you have emphasised that companies should be allowed limited choice of which financial reporting standards to …

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