Sanjay Kallapur

Professor of Accounting and Deputy Dean, Faculty and Research at the Indian School of Business.

The Underappreciated Role of Management

Large organisations are the primary locus of wealth generation in modern economies. The late Harvard Business School historian Alfred D. Chandler with his two masterful books, The Visible Hand (1977) and Scale and Scope (1990), was the first to point out the important role of management in the formation of large organisations. Using examples from 19th to mid-20th century business …

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Whose Bread I Eat, His Song I Sing? Not If I Am an Auditor

Should the gatekeepers of a firm be hired and paid by the very firm they are to watch over? A new study evaluates the common belief that there is a fundamental conflict of interest in the hiring and firing of auditors by clients. Across the world, it is common for auditors to be hired and paid by clients. The same is …

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The CSR Law: Enabling “Extraordinary” Business

The Companies Act of 2013 thrusts the Indian corporate world into the limelight of global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): its Section 135 mandates that every Indian company meeting certain size thresholds should spend at least 2 percent of the average net profits of the previous three years on CSR activities, or explain why it has not done so. In addition, …

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Corporate Governance in India: A Context for Steering Change

This issue of ISBInsight provides a perspective on the corporate governance agenda in India in the wake of the new Companies Act that became law after the President’s assent on August 29, 2013. This article places our authors’ contributions in the context of international developments and research in the area. Several themes emerge from these articles. Mirza Baig (“Redefining India’s Governance …

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The Corporate Affairs Perspective

The Indian School of Business (ISB) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) to provide expertise on corporate affairs matters. In this interview, Professor Sanjay Kallapur speaks to Professor Asish K Bhattacharyya of the School of Corporate Governance and Public Policy at the IICA about the IICA’s role in light of the new …

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Confronting the Crisis in Doctoral Education: A First Step

In his response to Professor Phanish Puranam’s article, Professor Sanjay Kallapur explains his support for separate academic and sophisticated practitioner  PhD tracks, elaborates on the potential for technology to reduce the costs of doctoral education and identifies problems that may arise from the two-track system. The picture  that Professor Phanish Puranam paints about the crisis in doctoral education in India is real. I …

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Auditor’s Independence – The India Story: Can Auditors be Truly Independent? Who Will Police the Policeman?

The very purpose of statutory audit is to independently protect the interests of the shareholders, and for this purpose auditors have access to any and all information that they may require from the company. But can auditors be truly independent?  Several issues affecting the independence of auditors are examined in the  following article, based on a  research paper*  by Professor Sanjay …

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