S Arunachalam

S. Arunachalam is Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Indian School of Business

Partners in Rhythm

ISBInsight: Why do firms from developed markets form international marketing alliances with firms in emerging markets?  A major reason firms from developed markets are increasingly interested in expanding to emerging markets is that they represent about 40% of the global economy and about 65% of the world’s population. Emerging markets have rapid economic development and liberalised economic policies, which favour the …

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IoT, Big Data and Privacy: Marketing Futures

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi4LUvjgWHI S Arunachalam: What do you think are going to be the five big trends in marketing academia and marketing practice? Rob Palmatier: It is hard to nail down just five specific trends. I think there are a number of trends. When it comes to marketing academia versus marketing practice, in my own case, in nearly all of my personal research, I …

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FMCG Lessons for Pharma

The Transforming Pharma Landscape In the past century, scientific breakthroughs and economic development enabled pharmaceutical firms to seize the opportunity of providing medical treatment for a range of ailments varying from microbial infections to genetic disorders. Aside from research and development (R&D)-focused pharmaceutical firms, even generic companies benefited from the ever-increasing demand for affordable medicines. Until the last decade, with scope …

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Complementary Roles of PCs and Smartphones in Enabling Digital India

According to a recent United Nations report, India has the world’s largest youth population with 28% of its population within the range of 10 to 24 years of age. Highlighting the fact that young people are innovators, creators, builders and leaders of the future, the UN pointed out that India’s young people present a tremendous opportunity to transform the country’s …

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Managing Divided Attitudinal Loyalty of Business Customers

Based on the research of S. Arunachalam and Sridhar N. Ramaswami In the face of increased competition and reduced product differentiation, companies are striving to gain unwavering loyalty from customers. In fact, nowadays, companies are willing to do all they can to maintain an undividedly loyal customer base. Companies use customer behaviour and customer attitudes to gauge customer loyalty. Loyal customers …

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