Rajib Saha

Assistant Professor of Information Systems, ISB.

More Bang for Your Digital Spend: Technology and R&D

Based on the research of Deepa Mani, Rajib Saha, and Aditya K.S. Digitisation today holds tremendous potential across industries. Every organisation is reimagining its business model in the face of disruptive technologies such as wearable devices and self-driving cars. However, two fundamental questions remain: How exactly can the digitisation of innovation create value? And second, if digitisation of innovation is indeed creating …

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Co-opetition: Impact of Technology Asymmetry on Platform Competition and Collaboration

Based on the research of Rajib L Saha and Ravi Mantena.  An analysis of how asymmetries in platform technology affect incentives for collaboration Technology-enabled platforms match and facilitate interactions between multiple sets of users. Such platforms are ubiquitous in the modern economy and include personal computers and mobile operating systems (platforms between application developers and application users), online advertising networks (between Web …

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The Digital Transformation of R&D

Executive Summary In his letter to shareholders in 20131, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeffrey R Immelt remarked, “We believe that every industrial company will become a software company.” In support of this assertion, he included vignettes of various technology-enabled product innovations across different verticals of GE that significantly improved asset utilisation and revenue of the company’s customers. Indeed, GE’s Industrial Internet …

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