Gireesh Shrimali

Director of the India office of Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and a Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance.

Renewable Energy: The Promise and Cost-effective Deployment

Development and sustainability are often thought to be incompatible objectives. While the former requires investment in infrastructure and rising energy consumption, the impact of both objectives seem to create environmental concerns. Yet no responsible nation can sacrifice the latter objective, even at the altar of development. This balancing of the two goals is arguably one of the most defining challenges …

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Meeting India’s Renewable Energy Targets: The Financing Challenge

A spurt in activity in the renewable energy sector reveals the shifting importance of the sector in India’s energy supply mix. However, a key constraint in developing the sector is the issue of access to the required finance and scalability of the investments. In a comparative assessment of the impact on financing costs in the renewable energy sector, Professor Gireesh …

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Case Summary: Husk Power Systems

In this study on innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable development, Professors Gireesh Shrimali, Charles Dhanaraj and Kirti Madhok Sud chronicle the evolution and growth of Husk Power Systems; the possible opportunities it could capitalise on and strategies to meet the various challenges in making the enterprising company operational.  Husk Power Systems (HPS) provided off-grid power to rural Indian villages of about 500 …

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Pathways to A Sustainable Future

India Inc. seems to have woken up to the threat climate change can potentially pose. With a high likelihood of disproportionate impact on developing countries, climate change could cast a dark cloud on the growth prospects of India, which is targeting eight percent GDP growth. The fast pace of urbanisation, industrialisation and the growing population are already putting enormous pressure on …

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