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Past Issue • Jan-Mar 2015

Internationalisation Strategies of Indian Companies

It has been nearly a decade since I started researching on the internationalisation strategies of Indian companies. This short article is aimed at capturing the key findings/insights from my papers and research that I felt could be useful to a wider audience. My research associate Sruthi Y was of great help in this effort. The past decade-and-a-half marked the rapid emergence of a number of firms from developing countries as significant players in the global markets and the number of firms from India was second only to those from China. The global players from India were distinctive as they were from both private and public sectors, whereas a majority of the Chinese global companies were state-owned. This phenomenon was intriguing to me as Indian companies were technologically deficient and resource-poor when compared to multinationals from developed countries. Add to this, the number of successful global companies from India in the previous decades was significantly smaller. This triggered my interest to understand the key drivers and strategies of their internationalisation using a comprehensive sample of Indian companies. I have summarised below some of my key findings.


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