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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2012

Confronting the Crisis in Doctoral Education: A First Step

In his response to Professor Phanish Puranam’s article, Professor Sanjay Kallapur explains his support for separate academic and sophisticated practitioner PhD tracks, elaborates on the potential for technology to reduce the costs of doctoral education and identifies problems that may arise from the two-track system.

The picture that Professor Phanish Puranam paints about the crisis in doctoral education in India is real. I commend him for articulating it and am pleased to respond to his article. Provocative as they are, I am mostly in agreement with his views.


  • Sanjay-Kallapur

    Sanjay Kallapur

    Professor of Accounting at the Indian School of Business, and an independent director on the Board of the Life Insurance Corporation of India.
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