Swati Desai

Swati Desai has taught Mindfulness and related subjects across universities in the United States and Asia. She has launched a Mindfulness app called 2meditate and has practiced as a psychotherapist. She has also extensively written for  Huffington Post,  Positively Positive, and the  Times of India. To know more: www.swatidesai.com

The Myth of Jealous Women

Researchers have coined several names for the storied ways in which women apparently treat each other in the workplace.  The ‘queen bee’ syndrome, for example, was conceived to refer to a woman in a senior position who is a metaphorical sting for other women if her power is threatened. The ‘mean girl' syndrome is another coinage which refers to women …

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To Judge or Not to Judge: The Non-Judgment Paradox in the Workplace

A paradox is something that is seemingly absurd or contradictory. In the complex and global world where we live and work, we are expected to be remain non-judgmental in our interactions. But it seems paradoxical to expect our human brain to not judge people and situations. Evolution has programmed our brains to judge because it helps keep us safe. We are …

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