Subodha Kumar

Full Professor within the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University.

How can Competitors share Data Opportunistically?

Is it ever beneficial for competitors to share data with each other? Professor Subodha Kumar throws light on how a firm can use its competitor’s data in such a manner that it is beneficial for both.  The value of e-commerce has increased dramatically over the past decade. In 2013, the U.S. retail e-commerce sales grew by 16.9% to reach $263.3 billion, …

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To Show or Not To Show: How to Manage Internet Advertisement Campaigns

Is it always beneficial to show advertisements to the visitors of a website? How can firms use user profiling to make this decision? Professor Subodha Kumar writes from his research on an actual implementation  at Chitika, an Internet advertising firm operating in the Boston area. The use of the Internet as  a  medium to deliver promotional  material to prospective customers  has …

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Electronic Retailing: Increasing IT Capacity May Alienate Customers

Do firms or the customers always benefit when an electronic retailer increases its IT capacity or advertising effectiveness? Professor Subodha Kumar writes from his research.  Over the last decade, the number of Internet users has increased by leaps and bounds reaching 1.97 billion worldwide in June 2010 – up from only 45 million in 1995 and 361 million in 2000. Following …

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