Sripad Devalkar

Assistant Professor of Operations Management, ISB.

Tapping the Sceptical Donor: A Novel Funding Approach for Non-profits

Based on the research of Sripad K. Devalkar, Milind G. Sohoni and Priyank Arora. United Care Development Services (UCDS) is a Hyderabad-based non-profit organisation (NPO) that was established in the year 2009. It works in the areas of education, health and environment. When UCDS decides to undertake a new project, say setting up a school in rural Telangana, it needs to …

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Crop Diversification to Reduce Exposure to Climatic Changes: Associated Risks and Mitigation Strategies

It is estimated that about 49% of the total workforce in India is engaged in agriculture, the single largest contributor to the distribution of economic activities in the country. Most households that are engaged in agriculture have limited alternative livelihood strategies. While 63.4% of agricultural households have cultivation as their primary source of income, as reported by the situation assessment …

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From Apple Juice to Garlic Pickle: Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalayas

Tropes of catastrophe have dominated conversations about climate change and its impact on communities. More often than not, terms like hazards, risks, and vulnerability tend to be deployed together to suggest a certain degree of helplessness in adapting to impending climate change. This article seeks to disrupt the projection of climate change forecasts into a future full of disasters and …

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Ex-post Funding: Innovating Non-profit Organisations

The authors study an emerging/innovative model in the Non-profit Organisations (NPO) marketplace, wherein the NPO raises donations/funds for a development project post its implementation, thus allowing it to reduce the information asymmetry prevalent in such marketplaces and potentially raise larger donations. Non-profit Organisations (NPO), differ from forprofit businesses in two important ways. First, the NPO status does not permit distribution of …

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