Sisir Debnath

Assistant Professor, Economics and Public Policy, ISB.

Can IT Solve the Healthcare Information Dilemma?

Information technology (IT) is reinventing healthcare markets. In India, ventures such as Practo and 2nd.MD inform consumers about the quality of care, help verify diagnoses, analyse and rank healthcare providers. The success of these ventures attests to the information challenges that have dogged healthcare before the arrival of IT-based innovations. Understanding the relationship between IT and healthcare markets is key …

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Do Electronic Voting Machines Work for Indian Voters?

The integrity of electronic voting machines (EVMs) is a controversial topic. News reports continue to debate the relative costs and benefits of EVMs and paper ballots. According to a 2017 Economic Times report, 16 opposition parties requested a return to paper ballots based on EVM tampering allegations. On the other hand, the Election Commission of India (ECI) Technical Expert Committee has …

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Improving Maternal and Infant Healthcare Utilisation: Does Conditional Cash Incentive Work?

In 2010 one-fifth of the 287,000 maternal deaths worldwide occurred in India (WHO 2012). Every year over 300,000 new-borns in India die the day they are born accounting for 29.5 percent of global birthday deaths. Primary causes for neonatal deaths are premature birth, low birth weight, neonatal infection, birth asphyxia, trauma, and tetanus. While severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure, …

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