Reuben Abraham

Asia Fellow; CEO and Senior Fellow, IDFC Institute.

The Aid Trap: Hard Truths about Ending Poverty

After the success of the Marshall Plan in reviving the economies of Western Europe after the Second World War, large-scale aid programmes have been expected to kick-start economic development in poor countries. For 40 years, aid was an important weapon of the Cold War. Allegiances were bought and sold on the basis of aid packages. After the collapse of the …

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More Financial Ingenuity, Not Less

Reuben Abraham, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business and Executive Director, Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions at the Indian School of Business (ISB) says that philanthropy can play an important role in promoting inclusive economic growth in developing countries. With free markets in retreat, economic development risks losing one of its foremost drivers. People forget that economic growth in India and …

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The Acsent of Money: A Financial History of the World

A good financial crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Especially for historians. I don’t always like Niall Ferguson’s interpretations of history, especially his seeming high regard for imperialism, but the fact is he is one of the most influential historians of the last decade. From his perch at Harvard, this British historian has written about everything including World War …

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