Ram Gopal

GE Capital Endowed Professor of Business Head, Operations and Information Management School of Business University of Connecticut.

Using Business Analytics to Improve Product Assortment

Retailers with multiple  stores of commodity products face the problem of product assortment that incorporates the varying geographic and demographic conditions of the locations they serve. How can such retailers use the sheer volume of available transactional data to their best advantage? In this article, Professors Xue Bai, Sudip Bhattacharjee, Fidan Boylu and Ram Gopal of University of Connecticut, present …

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Harnessing the Power of Employee Blogs

How can companies use employee-blogging to their advantage? This article, based on research conducted by Professors Ramesh Sankaranarayanan and Ram Gopal of University of Connecticut, Professor Rohit Aggarwal of University of Utah and Professor Param Singh of Carnegie Mellon University, examines the positive offshoots of employee-blogging and presents ways in which companies can overcome the challenges associated with such an …

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Data Analytics: The Foundation of a Successful Business

Professor Ram Gopal, a visiting faculty at the ISB,  talks to Galit Shmueli, tenured Associate Professor of Statistics and Information Systems and SRITNE Chaired Professor of Data Analytics. There is some confusion regarding the terminologies: data analytics, data mining, business analytics and business intelligence. Can you clarify if they are synonyms or if they have different meanings? When I was growing up, …

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