Mudit Kapoor

Mudit Kapoor is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the ISB

Do Electronic Voting Machines Work for Indian Voters?

The integrity of electronic voting machines (EVMs) is a controversial topic. News reports continue to debate the relative costs and benefits of EVMs and paper ballots. According to a 2017 Economic Times report, 16 opposition parties requested a return to paper ballots based on EVM tampering allegations. On the other hand, the Election Commission of India (ECI) Technical Expert Committee has …

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Why Are We In A Recession?

The global economy is in a recession and unemployment rates are soaring. But the financial crisis is a mere symptom and not the disease itself, say the authors in this article.  Conventional Wisdom Folk wisdom blames the financial crisis for the recession. But what caused the financial crisis? The savings glut in Asia, says the popular press. A major part of these …

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