Mridula Anand

Mridula Anand is a Senior Research Manager with the Srini Raju Center for Information Technology and Networked Economies at the Indian School of Business.

The Future of Technology Services

How will new business models change the way firms look at customer needs and services? What is the role of big data in the context of policy making in India? How are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning redefining the nature and functioning of practically every industry? The purpose of the Workshop on Digital Transformation was to bring together …

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Technological Innovation in India: Negotiating the Patent Ecosystem

Indian firms are relatively well acknowledged for their ability to generate non-technical innovations such as new business models. For instance, the global service delivery model that emerged from India resulted in the advent of the Indian software industry. However, India’s competence in generating technological innovations is relatively unknown. This paper presents an analysis of Indian patent data to better understand …

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The Last Mile Conundrum: Pitfalls of Product Innovation Sans Market Strategies

Innovation undoubtedly plays an increasingly important role in the economic activities of firms, industries and thus nations. An ever changing market and newer technologies create a shift towards innovation laden with positive value in a given market. Emerging markets have a preponderance of people at the bottom of the pyramid who live in rural markets. Innovations to cater to these …

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Innovate Remotely, Benefit Globally

REVERSE INNOVATION: CREATE FAR FROM HOME, WIN EVERYWHERE BY VIJAY GOVINDARAJAN AND CHRIS TRIMBLE REVIEWED BY: Mridula Anand PUBLISHERS: Harvard Business Review Press The gap between rich nations and emerging economies is closing. As a result, the global dynamics of innovation are changing. No longer will innovations traverse the globe in only one direction, from developed nations to developing ones. They will also …

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Novartis in India: Innovation versus Affordability

Professor Anand Nandkumar of ISB, Professor Charles Dhanaraj of Kelley School of Business, along with Mridula Anand, trace Novartis’ prolonged tussle with the Indian patent regime to get its cancer drug, Glivec, patented in India. The case is set against the backdrop of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board declining Novartis’ patent application on the grounds that the cost of the …

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