Hanu Tyagi

Hanu Tyagi is a Research Associate and Analyst at the Max Institute of Healthcare Management at ISB.

Taking Off: Digital Health Start-ups in India

Digital health start-ups are leveraging technology to deliver healthcare in novel ways. With patient at the heart of their approach, these start-ups are changing the way stakeholders collaborate across the healthcare ecosystem. Continuously experimenting with models of care delivery, these start-ups point towards a promising future for healthcare in India. Some of the pioneering start-ups in this area are showcased …

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Digital Health Start-ups in India: The Challenge of Scale

Digital health start-ups are bringing novel technologies such as wearable tech, telemedicine, genomics and artificial intelligence to the Indian healthcare system. Hanu Tyagi surveys the start-up landscape and offers pointers for the challenge of scaling up. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) pegged the Indian Healthcare Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market at a whopping US$ 1 billion …

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Digitising Indian Healthcare Records

Having a digital repository of healthcare information at hand could improve care, enhance collaboration and increase efficiency. A survey of Indian hospitals revealed that health information systems were available and used routinely in most facilities, despite wide variation in their capabilities. While most hospitals shared data internally, the majority were unable to utilise digital patient data generated within other hospitals. Why …

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Rx ICT: Digitally Disrupting Healthcare

"Lycra bike shorts that take our pulse, count our steps and read our moods are pretty nifty, but they aren’t the change we need." - Robert Wachter, The Digital Doctor Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – ranging from hospital information systems to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics – are rapidly transforming the healthcare sector. The McKinsey Global Institute’s …

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