Prajapati Trivedi

Senior Fellow (Governance) and a Director, Economic, Social and Sustainable Development Directorate, Commonwealth Secretariat, London.

Pay for Performance in Government: Has its Time Finally Come?

Holding governments accountable for delivering on promises and incentivising government employees appropriately is a fundamental requirement of good governance. This requirement can be met through a performance-related pay system, argues Professor Prajapati Trivedi. Can the Seventh Central Pay Commission’s recommendation to implement a performance-related incentive scheme for Indian central government employees achieve the desired results? In its report to the Government …

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Capacity Building: A Key Driver of Economic Growth

It is hard to overstate the importance of capacity building in nation building. Human capacity, above all, has been the key determinant in the rise and fall of nations. Even today, the race among nations is not necessarily won by those with most resources, but by those who have the capacity to make the most effective use of those resources. …

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