Chandrasekhar Sripada

Chandrasekhar Sripada is Clinical Professor in the Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Human Capital Area at ISB.

Managing Human Capital in the Age of Paradox

Yogini Joglekar: As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Indegene, Mr Gupta, what are some of the paradoxes you have observed in the healthcare industry?  Manish Gupta: We at Indegene work at the intersection of the life science and technology industries. As you can imagine, both these industries are going through very significant changes.  These are industries relying on science-based innovation. …

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How to Build a Great Place to Work: Trust and Camaraderie at Intuit India

ISBInsight: What did you find unique about Intuit as an organisation that made you choose and write a case on the company?  Chandrasekhar Sripada: Intuit India, a fully owned subsidiary of Intuit Inc., a US multinational company, had been in the business of developing financial software for small businesses, accountants and individuals. In 2017, the company was recognised as India's number one "Great Place to Work" through a competitive assessment among 600 of …

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Why the Gender Gap Persists in Indian Workplaces

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that equal participation of women in the workforce will increase India’s GDP manifold. A McKinsey Global Institute study calculated that the economic impact of achieving gender equality in India is estimated to be US $700 billion of added GDP by the year 2025. Yet the participation of women in India’s workforce has been abysmal and …

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