Arun Pereira

Clinical Associate Professor of Management Education, ISB; and Executive Director, Centre for Learning and Management Practice at the Indian School of Business (ISB).

Doctoral Education and the Teaching Function

The market for business PhDs will value and reward those PhD graduates who have a specific proficiency in teaching−be they educators, researchers, or sophisticated practitioners argues Professor Arun Pereira. Phanish Puranam  makes a compelling   case for modifying the traditional model of doctoral education through   specialised  “tracks” that  would   lead  to PhD  specialists. The three types of specialist tracks he suggests are “researcher,” …

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From the Ivory Tower to the Shop Floor: The Simulation Option

This articles illustrates how computer based instructional simulations can disseminate knowledge of basic management practices to SMEs. Academic elitism is often caricatured as professors in ivory towers, detached from the everyday challenges faced by managers running businesses. Further, there has been constant criticism that advances in academic research do not reach the MBA classroom in a relevant and timely manner so …

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