Anindya Ghose

Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business and the Director of the Masters of Science in Business Analytics program at NYU Stern.

Crowdfunding: The New Wave of Financing for Entrepreneurial and Social Initiatives

In this article, Professors Sunil Wattal, Gordon Burtch and Anindya Ghose explore various dimensions of the growing phenomenon of crowdfunding as a powerful instrument of entrepreneurial finance. They look at the upsides and potential pitfalls of this rapidly emerging industry and efforts underway to better understand and regulate it. They also consider the potential of crowdfunding as a “democratising” process …

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Tracking Mobile: The Rise of Smartphones in Marketing

Mobile usage as a proportion of Internet traffic continues to skyrocket, but mobile advertising often gets the rap for being ineffective. In this article, Professor Anindya Ghose unravels the myths and paradoxes of mobile marketing through findings from a series of studies conducted in four different countries − the United States (US), Germany, China and South Korea. By conducting various …

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