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Are CEO Appointments in India Caste/Religion Biased?

Do top Indian companies hire professional Chief Executive Officers on the basis of caste or religion? And does it matter for financial performance? Professors Naga Lakshmi Damaraju and her co-author Anil K Makhija offer some surprising insights on these important questions. Whether Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appointments at the largest corporations are driven by the biases of firm owners is an …

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Field Notes From The Underground: Recruitment Into The Naxalites

The challenges faced by the Naxalites in inducting new entrants help shed light on a key social science puzzle: How do people build relationships and organisations in environments in which there are no laws to protect contracts, and where trust is otherwise in short supply? Dr Pavan Mamidi explains the findings of a pioneering ethnographic study of Naxal recruitment strategies …

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