Topic: Corporate finance

Why Stock Prices Tumble after Bank CEO Turnover

Change in top leadership, specifically in banks, is marked by a shift in strategy and an immediate decline in stock prices. Research into bank CEO turnover provides insights on how career concerns and management incentives lead to distortionary practices. On behalf of ISBInsight, Ujval Nanavati spoke with two authors of the paper ‘Effects of CEO Turnover in Banks’, Krishnamurthy Subramanian …

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Calculating Intangibles: Drivers of Firm Performance

The research featured in this issue is drawn from papers presented at the Summer Research Conference in Corporate Finance organised by the Centre for Analytical Finance at the ISB and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Shedding new light on aspects as diverse as corporate boards, corporate philanthropy, political speech and innovation, together these four articles illuminate the …

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