Topic: Big data

The Dilemmas in Using Behavioural Big Data

Behavioural Big Data (BBD) refers to very large and rich multidimensional data sets on human and social behaviours, actions, and interactions, which have become available to companies, governments, and researchers. However, behavioural researchers using big data face not only methodological and technical challenges but also ethical and moral dilemmas, says Professor Galit Shmueli. Professor Galit Shmueli is Tsing Hua Distinguished Professor …

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Big Data in Health Care: Analytics to Action

In this paper, the author discusses how big data and analytics in health care are now available at different organisational levels like providers, hospitals and pharmaceuticals and how these data can deliver insights that can be translated into actions for improving delivery, reducing cost of care and enhancing transparency. Big data is changing the way business decisions are being made around …

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