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Past Issue • Jan-Mar 2012

Organization Development: Accelerating Learning and Transformation

With the rapid and discontinuous changes and daunting challenges in business environment sweeping across the world, from emerging economies to the developed countries, there is need for a new mind-set to proactively deal with such challenges. Organisations require people whose mind-sets foster a work culture that is inclusive, transparent, empowering, aligning, and one that builds trust.

In such a scenario, senior business leaders and managers are confronted with the challenges of making complex joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions across international boundaries. They are sometimes required to fundamentally alter the business models of the firm and align values at different levels, and involve employees at all levels in creating a larger vision and giving new direction to the organisation. In order to bring about such radical changes, the leaders have to learn to become facilitators. Irrespective of their size, ownership and scope, organisations have a sense of urgency to bring about such mind-set changes. The senior management of dynamic organisations are also deeply concerned about developing leaders rapidly. Continuous learning and development and management of change have, therefore, acquired a centre stage as never before.

What can be done to accelerate such learning and transformation?


  • abad-ahmad

    Abad Ahmad

    Former Dean, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) and former Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi
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