How to Design Effective Team Targets in Government

How to Design Effective Team Targets in Government

Government is famously a team sport. Almost everything (really) important we do in government requires effective teams. Whether it is reducing child mortality, disaster management, fighting opioid crisis or stopping money laundering. The list is indeed long and familiar.

Like in all team sports, it is not important how well you do individually, rather, how well you do as a team. Yet, governments around the world are notorious for their ‘silo’ mentality. Government departments, agencies, units within agencies and their subordinate and attached offices work as silos unto themselves. Even when governments have a performance management program for the whole-of- government, they often end up creating islands of excellence and a lot of really important stuff requiring inter-agency coordination tends to fall through the cracks…Read more

Author: Professor Prajapati Trivedi, Senior Fellow (Governance) and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, ISB.

Source: This article is extracted from PA Times dated November 09, 2017.


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