Researcher Speak – ISBInsight Student Challenge

The Researcher Speak format gives readers the opportunity to learn about high-quality, practitioner-relevant research in the authors’ own words.

The format is structured as a short interview in the form of a lightly edited transcript with/or without an accompanying video clip.

Who ‘speaks’? 

ISB resident or affiliated faculty about their own research.

How long? 

Five to six focused questions; 1500 words

How to prepare?

* Carefully read the paper/s you wish to discuss.

* Set up a time to meet/interview the researcher.

* Have a recording device ready.

* Have a conversation about research.

How to format?

* Transcribe the interview correctly and edit it for readability.

* Provide a title that is no longer than 60 characters and a blurb of maximum 40 words

* Include a short bio of the researcher

* Include a short reference section for the research/papers referred to.

* Include a short bio of yourself

How to submit?

* Please follow instructions online.

* Please include either an audio or video file of your conversation with the speaker for the purpose of verification.

Looking for examples?

Here’s one:


For General Guidelines of the ISBInsight Student Challenge, please visit:

To submit your Expression of Intent to participate, visit:

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