Podcast – ISBInsight Student Challenge

Who speaks?

Student interviewer with a guest or guests

What is the theme?

* Entries should develop the ISB Leadership Summit theme Catalysts for Change.

* The podcast can explore the theme from multiple perspectives or take a deep dive into one issue related to the theme.

* Podcasters are encouraged to make the topic interesting and accessible, while keeping it consistent with ISB’s thought leadership status.

How long? 

15-20 minutes of in-depth conversation with one or more guests, including any transitions.

How to format?

* Record and edit a high-quality mp3 file. Record in a quiet environment to avoid unnecessary noise and disturbances.

* Be concise, clear, simple and unique.

* Provide a title (60 characters or less), blurb (40 words or less), links to any references used

* Share any articles or papers that are referenced to during the conversation or that supplement the conversation

* Refrain from using any copyrighted music or audio in the podcast. Use of Creative Commons music for transitions is encouraged.

How to submit?

* Please follow instructions online.

* Please include a high quality .mp3 audio. You may indicate if you wish for the file to be assessed.

Looking for examples?

Please see the below links:


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