Infrastructure Management: A Solid Base for a Successful Career

Infrastructure Management: A Solid Base for a Successful Career

Q: What are your insights about the Infrastructure and Construction insight industry in India? What is the scope of the industry in India and across the globe?

Ans: India’s infrastructure is nowhere close to where it should be, if we were to achieve a double digit economic growth in a sustainable manner. In recent years there is a huge emphasis on development of infrastructure and this emphasis has also given large push to construction industry in India. For example, investments of nearly INR 39 lakh crores are expected to be invested in the urban infrastructure itself in the next 20 years.It is estimated that by 2030, we will be surpassing the population of China. This generates a huge demand for the improvement of the infrastructure sector. Whether its roads and transport systems, energy, or utilities like water supply…etc. a lot of work needs to be done to cater to the population growth and ensuing demand. In addition to this we expect significant investment in city infrastructure in next 10 to 15 years. Read more…

Professor Chandan Chowdhury, Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing at the ISB.

Source: This article is extracted from BW Education dated March 23, 2018.

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