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Past Issue • Jan-Mar 2016

Technological Innovation in India: Negotiating the Patent Ecosystem

Technological Innovation in India: Negotiating the Patent Ecosystem

The authors look at India’s progress in technological innovation by analysing patent data, and find that in India, unlike China, foreign entities outstrip domestic players in patents granted. The authors argue that in order for India and other emerging economies to compete effectively in the global patent landscape and become powerful knowledge economies, they must reassess their policies, institutions and scientific talent.

Indian firms are relatively well acknowledged for their ability to generate non-technical innovations such as new business models. For instance, the global service delivery model that emerged from India resulted in the advent of the Indian software industry. However, India’s competence in generating technological innovations is relatively unknown. This paper presents an analysis of Indian patent data to better understand India’s ability to produce technological innovations.


  • Anand-Nandakumar

    Anand Nandkumar

    Associate Professor of Strategy, at the Indian School of Business (ISB)
  • Deepa-Mani

    Deepa Mani

    Associate Professor of Information Systems and ISB Research Fellow, Executive Director, Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy, at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
  • MridulaAnand

    Mridula Anand

    Independent innovation and IP consultant. She holds a graduate degree from Stanford University and has also completed her Law degree.
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