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Managers Who Use AI Will Replace Those Who Don’t

Professor Deepa Mani comments on India’s race for innovation with China and urges managers to make technology their friend. We have moved in the past decade from a rather simple understanding of IT to a nuanced evolution of a networked economy. How do you see this transformation from your vantage point at SRITNE? Deepa Mani: Over the past decade, there have been two …

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The Dilemmas in Using Behavioural Big Data

Behavioural Big Data (BBD) refers to very large and rich multidimensional data sets on human and social behaviours, actions, and interactions, which have become available to companies, governments, and researchers. However, behavioural researchers using big data face not only methodological and technical challenges but also ethical and moral dilemmas, says Professor Galit Shmueli. Professor Galit Shmueli is Tsing Hua Distinguished Professor …

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How a Doubles Game Works

Infosys has opened a fresh chapter with the appointment of a new CEO. Hopefully the veterans on the board and the founders have learned some lessons from the recent episode. The iconic Tata group with a star-studded board also paid a huge price in several ways before settling down for an insider as the new chairman. The distasteful episodes played out in …

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