Topic: Happiness

Position in Sequence Matters: How Previous Hedonic Experiences May Bias Current Evaluations

Based on the research of Tanuka Ghoshal, Eric Yorkston, Joseph C. Nunes and Peter Boatwright Marketing managers often have the responsibility of setting the sequence of hedonistic or indulgent experiences for customers, who evaluate them and give feedback, which is used in developing future events and experiences. Thus, making sure the end user enjoys his experiences is important to achieve the …

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Professor Raj Raghunathan, a visiting faculty at the Indian School of Business, is affiliated to the Department of Marketing at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. He is interested in affect and decision making, hedonic and utilitarian consumption, and consumer behaviour. His pioneering research has advanced our understanding of happiness, creativity and human fulfilment. In a conversation with …

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The Myopia of Far-Sightedness

Rajagopal Raghunathan turns conventional thinking on its head as he tracks down the seemingly elusive formula for happiness. He offers four guiding principles to maximise happiness and tips to escape the treacherous grip of the traditional “Suffer Now, Be Happy Later” model. One of my most enduring memories from childhood is of my mother  warning me, usually as I was getting …

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