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FMCG Lessons for Pharma

 By Meenakshee Sinha and S. Arunachalam What were the key success factors for Arogya Parivar, a bottom-of-the-pyramid initiative by Swiss pharmaceutical major Novartis? In this article, Meenakshee Sinha and Professor S. Arunachalam present a replicable fast-moving consumer good blueprint for rural marketing based on the Arogya Parivar experience. The Transforming Pharma Landscape In the past century, scientific breakthroughs and economic development enabled pharmaceutical …

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Digital Health Start-ups in India: The Challenge of Scale

By Hanu Tyagi Digital health start-ups are bringing novel technologies such as wearable tech, telemedicine, genomics and artificial intelligence to the Indian healthcare system. Hanu Tyagi surveys the start-up landscape and offers pointers for the challenge of scaling up. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) pegged the Indian Healthcare Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market at a whopping US$ …

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Leveraging Industry 4.0 for Digital Transformation of Value Chain

In an increasingly global and competitive environment it has become imperative to transform the way we look at our value chain. Organizations today are experiencing fundamental changes that include shifts from: Mass Production to Mass Customization Make-to-Stock to Make-to-Order Simple ‘product delivery’ to ‘personalized experience and services,’ where the products are often bundled with ‘value-add’ services and unique experiences. The competitiveness of companies becomes …

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Refurbishing of Defective Product Returns

In order to gain a competitive edge, companies sometimes introduce new products hastily, resulting in increased incidence of defective products and consumer returns. Professor Narendra Singh’s research shows that more defective product returns are not necessarily a bad thing for a company if the company refurbishes these returns. Narendra Singh is Adjunct Assistant Professor in Operations Management at ISB.

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