Infographic – ISBInsight Student Challenge


Infographics are great ways to present ideas in an attractive and informative format for the readers. 
Participants have to present an article or a paper by a researcher that has been covered on ISBInsight since the beginning of 2017.

How long? 

Length is not a key parameter. Although, participants are advised to refer to the average infographic length (width: 600-1100 px and length: up to 6000 px). For reference on infographic sizes visit this link.

How to format?

Pick an article from ISBInsight published since 2017

* Understand the broader idea and research upon the resources

* Process our data and create an infographic flow

* Provide a title that is no longer than 60 characters and a blurb of maximum 40 words

* Cite the references used

Sites that can be used for creating Infographics:

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