Industry Speak – ISBInsight Student Challenge


The Industry Speak format gives readers the opportunity to learn about innovative management practice and industry trends from top industry specialists and leaders.

The format is structured as a short interview in the form of a lightly edited transcript with/or without an accompanying video clip.

Who ‘speaks’?

An acknowledged industry specialist; maybe speaker at ISB Leadership Summit.

How long?

Five to six focused questions; 1500 words

How to prepare?

* Carefully research the industry specialist you wish to interview.

* Set up a time to meet/interview.

* Have a recording device ready.

* Have a conversation.

How to format?

* Transcribe the interview correctly and edit it for readability.

* Provide a title that is no longer than 60 characters and a blurb of maximum 40 words

* Include a short bio of the industry speaker.

* Include a short bio of yourself.

* Include a short reference section for the research/papers/articles referred to.

How to submit?

* Please follow instructions online.

* Please include either an audio or video file of your conversation with the speaker for the purpose of verification.

Looking for samples?

Here’s one:

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