Cartoon – ISBInsight Student Challenge

The Cartoon Competition segment gives an opportunity for artists and cartoon enthusiasts to have a humorous or satirical take on the worldly practices surrounding them.

What is the format?

* Single-frame black and white or coloured cartoon.

* Frame size or aspect ratio not restricted.

* Provide a unique caption, if it supplements the cartoon

What is the theme?

The cartoons must relate to themes of business management, economics and entrepreneurship

Guidelines to follow?

* Participants will submit original entries of their cartoon which has not been published earlier.

* Entries may be humorous or satirical.

* The content must not hurt any people or community or religious sentiments.

* It should not violate any person’s rights.

* Entries must not violate copyrights of any other artist/cartoonist or organisation

How to submit?

* Please follow instructions online.

* Please include a high-quality cartoon in .jpg or .png format

* An original sketch may be requested in case the cartoon is not digital

Some examples:  


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