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Past Issue • Apr-Jun 2014

Reimagining India – Unlocking The Potential of Asia’s Next Superpower

‘Reimagining India – Unlocking the Potential of Asia’s Next Superpower’ is not merely another book to be read and passed on. It is a unique and remarkable effort to bring together perspectives of some of the top business leaders, academicians, sportsmen, and thinkers from India and abroad, on the various facets that together help carve out a kaleidoscope of issues, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for India. McKinsey and Company, the world’s leading management consulting fi rm, has done a meticulous job at presenting the myriad views obtained fi rsthand, in an unbiased and professional manner. The book is divided into six sections and neatly buckets the individual article contributions into cohorts that address distinct, yet equally important aspects of this grand exercise of ‘Reimagining India’.


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