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Past Issue • Apr-Jun 2015

ISB and Industry come together to develop Smart Cities Index

Indian School of Business’s (ISB) Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management conducted a two-day workshop to discuss various aspects of the Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities Plan. One of the objectives of the brainstorming at the workshop was also to pave the way for a Smart Cities Index of Indian cities. Gaurav Dubey reports on the proceedings of the workshop that was held at the Mohali Campus of ISB. India is projected to add 404 million to its urban population by 2050, against its current population of 377 million (as of 2011), effectively more than doubling up the number of people that will live in its cities. They will need to be provided housing, water, employment, education, healthcare, entertainment, and a host of other services so that they can lead a good quality of life. It is in this context that the ISB through the Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management has mooted developing a “Smart Cities Index”.


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