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Past Issue • Jul-Sep 2014

India’s Largest Transnational Corporations

The Indian School of Business has released the 2014 ranking of India’s largest transnational corporations based on the Transnationality Index (TNI). Professor Raveendra Chittoor and Bibhu Prasad Kar present the results providing new insights into the nature of internationalisation of the companies. The Indian School of Business (ISB) conducts an annual survey, based on which it comes out with a list of India’s largest Transnational Corporations (TNCs) every year. This is a first-of-its-kind ranking in India started by the ISB in the year 2012 using a globally accepted measure known as the Transnationality Index (TNI). The TNI allows a proper comparison of Indian TNCs with each other as well as with global players. Indian transnational corporations now constitute a significant proportion of global corporations. The Fortune 2013 Global 500 list features 119 companies from developing economies, an increase of about six times since 2000 and up from 112 last year (Fortune, 2013). India and Brazil rank second in terms of the number of the Fortune Global 500 companies headquartered in them (eight each), after China and Taiwan combined (95) (Global Times, 2013). Despite the rise of TNCs from India, until the initiative by ISB in 2012, no systematic attempt was made to rank Indian transnationals.


  • Raveendra-Chittoor-feb7

    Raveendra Chittoor

    Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
  • Bibhu-Prasad-Kar

    Bibhu Prasad Kar

    Research Associate with the Faculty and Research Department at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
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