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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2011

Harnessing the Power of Employee Blogs

How can companies use employee-blogging to their advantage? This article, based on research conducted by Professors Ramesh Sankaranarayanan and Ram Gopal of University of Connecticut, Professor Rohit Aggarwal of University of Utah and Professor Param Singh of Carnegie Mellon University, examines the positive offshoots of employee-blogging and presents ways in which companies can overcome the challenges associated with such an open forum of dialogue.

Let them Blog!

Knowledgeable employees have always been critical to the success of firms. When firms connect the creative energies of such employees with the needs of important stakeholders such as customers, investors and prospective employees, the firms as well as their stakeholders win. Encouraging honest blogging by employees may be an effective way to attain this goal. Jonathan Schwartz, ex-CEO at Sun Microsystems, expresses the importance of employee blogs in these words, “If you want to lead, blog…We talk about our successes - and our mistakes. That may seem risky. But it’s riskier not to have a blog.” IBM and Microsoft, for example, have well over 2000 employee blogs, and about one in ten employees at Sun Microsystems, maintains blogs...


  • Ram-D-Gopal-feb7

    Ram Gopal

    GE Endowed Professor of Business and Head of the Department of Operations and Information management in the School of Business, University of Connecticut and a visiting scholar at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
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