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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2011

Growing India’s Healthcare System: A Cautionary Note

In this article, the author stresses that India must build a healthcare system that takes the needs of its entire population into account.

India faces enormous challenges as it builds its healthcare system to meet the rapidly growing needs and desires of a burgeoning middle-class that will increasingly want, expect, and ultimately demand, world-class healthcare. Great challenges bring great opportunities. Enterprising companies, individuals and government entities are rising to the challenge and doing wonderful things in India’s healthcare sector.


  • risffs

    Arnold J Rosoff

    Professor of Legal Studies and Healthcare Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
  • srinivasan mahadevan

    Thanks for this composition. While It is a fact that India’s health insurance market is
    expanding rapidly, the lack of a regulatory body for healthcare industry is
    proving this growth, not so good for the insurers. The industry is saddled with
    very high loss ratios because of inappropriate pricing and high healthcare
    costs. This is in contrast to the profits of healthcare providers, drug
    manufacturing companies and medical instrument suppliers. The insurance
    regulator is trying to get transparency on healthcare costs addressed by way of
    data and research from insurance companies. But, with no synergy with the
    healthcare industry and providers, this exercise will be futile, and unfortunately
    the individual consumer is left with paying higher premiums every year. For, India to grow its healthcare system efficiently, there are reforms required in the healthcare industry to address issues of transparency, and punitive laws against the hospitals who make a killing by charging exorbitant rates.

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